Welcome to ATRIUM INNOVATIONS — a private investment holding company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

ATRIUM INNOVATIONS is a recognized leader in the field of development, production and marketing of healthy foods, created on the basis of the latest scientific achievements.

The Company’s mission is Empowering healthier life.

We believe that our work can make people’s lives better. ATRIUM INNOVATION’s responsible attitude to health issues is not limited to offering some of the most effective food additives in the world. We are also interested in building relationships with people, helping them to change their lives to achieve extraordinary health. Combining the best of what is given by nature and invented by scientists, ATRIUM INNOVATION brands are able to open a way to a healthy lifestyle, using the highest quality products, that are created on the basis of scientific potential and innovation.

All health products manufactured by ATRIUM INNOVATIONS feature a 100% natural composition and strong scientific evidence base. Its portfolio includes food additives Garden of Life and Pure, that are well-known in the US market, fish oil / Omega 3 MINAMI, as well as the world leader in the Systemic Enzyme Therapy – the brand WOBENZYM.

We make every effort for our company ATRIUM INNOVATIONS become the world leader in the production of vitamins, minerals and food additives in the markets where we compete with the largest and fastest growing brands, having a reputation of a reliable supplier of products of the highest quality, as recognized by experts, that are created on the basis of the latest scientific developments.

We are sure that our continued success and ability to develop depend on our enthusiastic people, therefore we strive to maintain a constructive and open working environment, that stimulates growth and development, and promotes individual and team achievements.

We always adhere to the highest ethical standards, in accordance with our internal principles, procedures and rules. An honest, ethical and professional behavior is the basis for achieving the highest goals set by our company.

The Russian subdivision has joined ATRIUM INNOVATIONS in 2013.

Today, ATRIUM INNOVATION in Russia is represented by its offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as well as by a professional team of medical representatives in all federal districts.