Today, the pharmaceutical plant of MUCOS EMULSIONS, GmbH, Berlin, Germany, in accordance with all technological and hygienic standards of the “good manufacturing practice” (GMP), annually produces more than 850 million pills of enzyme drugs Wobenzyme, Phlogenzym, Wobe-Mugos E. Highly purified enzymes of animal origin (trypsin, chymotrypsin, pancreatin) are produced by the MUCOS Company’s subsidiary in Argentine.

Actually, the MUCOS Pharma Company is one of the world’s major manufacturers of trypsin.

Enzymes of vegetable origin (bromelain, papain) are supplied by the best Western European specialized manufacturers in compliance with all relevant world standards for pharmaceutical products.

All enzymes used to produce polyenzyme MUCOS drugs, are subjected to the control of chemical, microbiological purity and biological activity, in accordance with the requirements of the medicinal legislation of the European Community. The quality of the Company’s finished products is also strictly controlled using the most modern analytical and biochemical methods in the corporate laboratories. MUCOS has a quality certificate for a pharmaceutical product of the World Health Organization (WHO).